Caring for your beautiful new table About the artist

To clean your table, just use plain warm water. For stubborn dirt or food a mild, non abrasive soap is recommended. Never use harsh cleaners on your table. Please keep in mind that even though we build your table on a solid wood platform, it's still made of stained glass! Putting heavy objects on it or using it for a work table are not recommended. We also have weather proofed your table and it will hold up extremely well against spills and normal moisture. It is not recommended or intended to be left outside continuously over the winter or rainy season. Always try to cover your table when not in use. With a little care it will last a lifetime. If for any reason your table gets a crack in the glass, seal it immediately, using a clear glue or sealant. We also recommend that you save the shipping box. It's perfect if you ever have to store or move your table.

Thank you and enjoy!


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