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Absolutely beautiful, handmade Italian stained glass mosaic bistro tables, crafted and designed completely by hand from an artist in the LA area.full view of mosaic table Using authentic Italian mosaic stained glass, top quality grout and waterproofing materials our artist creates a table top that is sturdy, light weight and water resistant. Our artist makes every table to order and cuts every piece of stained glass by hand! His work is outstanding and you will have a bistro table that is a real work of art, not something that has been massed produced. A stunning addition to your home or office.

The standard base that comes with the 24 inch diameter table tops is made from wrought iron and each of the four legs has a separate adjustment for height so you won’t ever get that irritating wobble. It stands 28 inches in height. Great indoors or outdoors, by the pool, on a balcony or anywhere your heart desires. Please see our table bases page for heavier duty bases and optional styles.

Please use the select a size drop down menu for standard sizes and pricing.
All designs are available diameters of 24"
Prices include the standard base.
For heavier duty bases and optional styles see our Table Bases Page



red mosaic flower Mosaic#001

stained glass mosaic bistro table Mosaic#015

sunflowers table Sunflowers

bistro table Mosaic#021

mosaic table Mosaic#022

mosaic table Mosaic#072

mosaic table Mosaic#030

handcut stained glass Mosaic#013

mosaic table Mosaic#042

mosaic table Mosaic#051

mosaic table Mosaic#070

mosaic table Mosaic#052

mosaic table Mosaic#056

mosaic table Mosaic#047

bistro table Mosaic#035

mosaic table Mosaic#073

Mosaic table Mosaic#019

mosaic table Mosaic#062

fleur de lis Fleur de lis

mosaic table Mosaic#059

mosaic table Mosaic#045

mosaic table Coffeecup

24hummingbirds table Hummingbirds

Dragonflies Mosaic table Dragonflies

mosaic glass and tile Chess#001

blue mosaic chess Chess#002

green stained glass Chess#003

great chess table Chess#014

orange mosaic chess Chess#017

chess bistro table Chess#005

chess table Chess#006

Stained Glass Chess Table Chess#023

Stained Glass Chess Table Chess#027

Stained Glass Chess Table Chess#024

backgammon bistro table Backgammon#1

tile for the chess squares Backgammon#2

great chess table Backgammon#3

bistro table Backgammon#5

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Beautiful Handmade Stained Glass Mosaic Tables


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